Here are some tips on how to introduce Lulla to your little one. 


  • Regardless of age, we recommend introducing Lulla when baby is NOT tired but happily playing and more readily accepting of Lulla's sounds. 

New Generation Lulla Sound Box

  • Please press the heart on Lulla's sound-box for 3-4 seconds to activate and deactivate Lulla’s sounds. It's been purposefully designed to be quite difficult to turn Lulla on/off so that baby doesn't roll over and turn off the sound accidentally.

  • Please ensure you are not holding down the side button when turning Lulla on.

  • Please note that Lulla turns on at the quietest volume. The breathing starts first before the heartbeat sounds.

  • The volume button is found on the side of the sound box.

    • *Press once for medium volume ** Press twice for highest volume.

  • The sound-box takes 2 x AA batteries.

  • We strongly recommend using rechargeable batteries as they are better for the environment and your pocket.

Original Lulla Sound-Box

  • Please press Lulla's sound-box for 3 seconds to activate and deactivate Lulla’s sounds. It's been purposefully designed to be quite difficult to turn Lulla on/off so that baby doesn't roll over and turn off the sound accidentally.

  • If your baby does not like Lulla being close then there are some options: Try placing the sound box safely under the fitted sheets, this option is also great if your baby is under 12 months and the sleeping environment needs to be kept free of all soft toys etc. 

  • Some babies prefer a louder white noise and some a more softer sound. You can place the sound box with the speaker facing towards the opening of Lulla rather than Lulla's tummy to make it slightly louder for baby to engage with the sounds and of course the other way if you think it is too loud for your little one.   You can also wrap the sound-box in material or tape if the sounds are too loud.

  • The sound-box takes 2 x AAA batteries. We strongly recommend using rechargeable batteries. Some babies may have Lulla playing for over 16 hours a day and you will need to change the batteries weekly depending on the quality of batteries that you use. Rechargeables are better for the environment and your pocket.


  • It is important for Lulla to take on the smell of the primary caregiver, WEAR your Lulla to achieve this.


  • Lulla should become part of the bedtime routine. It is VERY important that Lulla is included (with the sounds on) in your normal bedtime routine i.e. feeding, rocking, reading,  wrapping, dummy, shushing or patting. Most babies wake during their sleep cycle (20-50 mins) and seek the cues that were present when they first fell asleep. The majority of those cues are missing but if Lulla is introduced as part of their bedtime routine, baby will hear Lulla's familiar sounds, feel safe and secure and will therefore be able to resettle themselves back to sleep.

  • Lulla will become a positive sleep association. 

  • If you are patting, feeding or rocking  before you place your baby down, then have Lulla snuggled up between you and baby as close as possible.

  • Feet down first when transferring baby to their sleep environment


  • The Lulla doll is thoroughly safety tested to be suitable for babies from birth. The whole design was made with safety in mind. The doll is very light, made from natural materials, has no loose items nor toxic chemicals.

  • The sound is set at a safe volume of 65db but is clearly audible even from a short distance. The benefits of the doll can be experienced even though the doll is placed away from the baby.

  • Pediatric guidelines all over the world do not recommend that caregivers have loose items in the babies sleep environment from birth to 12 months. With this is mind the Lulla doll is designed to be a crib-attachment, with velcro straps hidden in a pocket on its back for easy attachment to most cribs, car seats, strollers and other carriers.

  • We strongly recommend that from birth to 12 months the doll is kept away from the face and is not loose in the crib during sleep.

  • Although, sleeping arrangements are always at the caregivers discretion. 

Lulla Care

  • For general purposes we recommend machine washing the Lulla doll at 40 degrees celsius (warm) and hang to dry. The sound-box must be removed prior to washing, which is easily done as it is placed in a velcro pocket on the back of the doll. 

  • We recommend using a washing bag and going easy on the spinning. If necessary, gently readjust the filling after washing to help the doll regain its former shape. For added safety for the most sensitive children, the Lulla doll can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius (hot) to eliminate most bacteria but please keep in mind that repeated washing at high temperature might affect the dolls appearance.

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