Nov 2, 2017

I must give credit where credit is due



"Good evening. I would like to give you some feedback on how it is going with our Lula. Now, I will be honest with you. I was very sceptical but also very desperate when I enquired about Lula from you 2weeks ago. I really didnt think it will work because my son woke up every 2hours, but he nursed everytime he woke so why would the doll help with that? I was hesitant to buy Lula as it is also not just R100. But I must say that it was worth every penny so far. Since we received Lula a week ago my son has been sleeping for longer periods at a time. Instead of waking every 2 hours he now goes 4-6 hours before waking for a feed, and I must add he is a bit fluish with that, usually when he is sick there is no sleep. He even slept 8 hours straight on Saturday night. Something that has not happened before in this last 12 months. So I must give credit where credit is due. It really seems like Lula is working for us and I am truly greatful for it." - Yolandie, Mpumalanga


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  • “I was one of the moms that was very sceptical about buying a Lulladoll. My baby always slept good, but could do better! About a week and a bit ago my now 4 month old was admitted to ICU. This is when I decided I am going to try it. Ordered on a Saturday night and Monday before 14h00 it was delivered. I held the doll against me for 1 night and then sat it close to my baby in ICU. I do believe it helped because he went from where I believed he wouldnt make it to recovering in a record time. When he was moved to a normal ward he switched his day and night. I followed your instructions on how to introduce the doll to the baby and within less than two days the problem was fixed! He now easily sleeps without a fight from 19h30 until 06h00. When he gets a bit irretated we just put the doll close to him and he immediately calms down. I would definitely say every baby should have one!” - Leanne, Pretoria
  • "Prior to receiving the Lulla doll he refused to sleep without a person holding him. Regardless of what he slept in, he couldn’t fall asleep without being with a person. The benefits I have experienced with the Lulla doll are related to his sleep patterns. It was a life saver. Lulla doll did exactly as I needed it to." - Baby Josh's foster parent
  • One of the things that always present some sort of challenge when it comes to having a newborn or small baby is SLEEP😴. Naptimes are sometimes only 10min long and nighttime is for playing 🙄... (Who can relate?)... Peanut did that as well and let me tell you it was NOT fun!😢 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ We have since introduced this wonderf ul @lulladoll _sa doll to him & his sleep routines and my life has NEVER been the same since. Naptimes are much longer and he knocks out at 7h30pm till 6am without a fuss 💕. The doll has got soothing breathing and heartbeat sounds that are so comforting to baby that even when he wakes up, he's able to fall right back asleep peacefully